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Penda Weds Njeri

A wedding is a start of togtherness. It always  gives me so much joy and satisfaction to always shoot a wedding. its like a slice of heaven. I met Njeri and Penda one sunday afternoon at Panera bread in Overland Park KS where we had agreed to meet. This was the first time meeting the two as we had been communicating over the phone texting back and forth for about a week. I could tell the excitement even before we met in person...and here is the love story

Hey. My name is Penda Njeri and today is my wedding day! But first i will pose for a picture and i will smile because today i will be given another shoulder to lean on.  The smile on this beautiful bride tells it all. She is simply in love and she is having a hard time containing her happiness.
Family, friends, brides and groomsmen all gathered in church patiently waiting for the bride to arrive and the ceremony to start. In the bible,God ordained two things; church and marriage. So a wedding in church is in always a beautiful thing.
and finally the stunning bride walked hand in hand with the beautiful couple giving her away. The atmosphere was filled with so much joy that even the brides maid teared up. Or maybe they were amazed by how glamorous the bride  looked when walked towards the alter.

The motherly figure of the two love birds had a few words of advice to the newly weds. 
May you always feel as close as you do this day. May your love grow stronger and so deeper everyday. It is every little girl's dream to have a beautiful wedding in church. Thank you making my dream come true. i promise to love you all the days of my love.
A happy man marries the girl she loves. i am a happier man because i love the girl i am marrying today. I promise to maker her happy all the days of my life. So help me God
For better for worst, in sickness and in health, in richness and in poverty....the vows go on and on!
As you decorate your fingers with wedding rings, may God bless you with love, happiness and kindness in your hearts.
We are officially stuck together! What God hath joined together let no man put asunder!! Mathew 19:6

And now Mr. and Mrs Penda can you please open the dance floor. If you have ever attended an African wedding you know its not complete without the dancing. And yes the africans can dance. the guests that graced this wedding were mostly Africans and they did not disappoint either. Everybody was dancing their hearts out.
Mapenzi tele! a swahili phrase for lots of love. From Option Lianda photography, I wish these love birds lots of love in all their endeavors. May all your battles be fought together. May they always have lots of joy in their hearts as they start off this adventure.

Penda loves Njeri. Everything was tailored to manifest this fact. Even the cake!!!
The stunning "17 year old" sister to the bride had something to say too. Mostly to give her sister her blessings. And i think there is a guy how are you married at 17...the pastor was shocked too
To love and to be loved is the pinnacle of happiness and richness. May you never lose sight of this precious treasures in all your days together. But first, let us feed each other cake.
and yes I will take your hand and walk with you... This wedding was just graced with beauttiful people
and couples who wore matching clothes.... Fashion stakes were maintained by Njeri's lovely maids!The dress, the flowers, the smile.....everything was too beautiful!
Love must be a wonderful feeling, it keeps people smiling and glowing all the time.
Utter happiness..... so quirky and cute

And more of the couple of the day!
Generosity galore! what is yours is mine from now on. Even if its one gum we share!!

I think by now we can all agree with me when i say Njeri and Pendo are so adorable!! These two cannot stop laughing.....this is so heartwarming!! Penda andd Njeri you are fabulous. Go forth and prosper and most importantly....have a mind blowing honeymoon!
and these two....the ring bearers were just standing here, smiling looking and admiring!

He was probably thinking, my wedding should be next...lol

Family and friends, we salute you all for making our day a success!


Njeri Penda(non-registered)
...a friend of mine texted me the link ...Beautiful
Njeri Penda(non-registered)
Thank you for this I didn't know you had this until a friend of minded just texted me the link :) thank you. Blessings in your union too.

~Mrs. Penda
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