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Chiku and Lazarus bridal shower

Chiku and Lazarus!!! What a beautiful bridal shower. It was a party… a real party, filled with lots of dancing but underneath it was serious business. If you are considering getting married one day then this was the place to be. Lots of advices were offered in the most entertaining way I have ever seen. Here are some pictures to show you how much fun we had.  

She had to start of by showing off those beautiful shoes. And the dress was gorgeous too!

She will make a very beautiful bride, can't wait to shoot the wedding.

Like mother like daughter, their clothes are almost matching.

mommy's little girl ;)

But while guests were waiting inside, Chiku was starting to get nervous as a group of women came out to escort her in.

And the moment they got inside there was no wasting time, they began to dance immediately. 

and the dancing continued...

well he had to show them how it is done

while the dancing continued we received word that the groom to be had just arrived, so they had to pave his way in with more dancing...

the joy on his face the moment he saw his fiance

he wasn't concerned with the dancing, he just wanted to go and be with his fiance...

and that is exactly what he did, walked straight to her. Wait! he is holding a surprise behind his back...

women love flowers, looks like he knows that secret :)

of course he deserved a hug.

and a dance ;)

and Chiku's mom watched as they dance, thanking God for giving her daughter such a good man.

Speaking of God, all the dancing had to be halted as we gave thanks to God for the love of these two (Chiku and Lazarus)

and apart from prayers they were given words of wisom.

then dancing resumed

they took the dancing to the next level...

I didn't know what they were writing...

so I zoomed closer, look like they were practicing to budget? But don't they look cute together. Love is a beautiful thing.

She was probably thinking the same thing too, that love is a beautiful thing as she sat there staring at Chiku and Lazarus

Then she stepped on the floor with a piece of paper and mike on the other hand. The two love birds were laughing as she had just finished entertaining them with a dance

but the laughing soon came to a halt as she started giving them that real talk.

the talk was so real the love birds look speechless. 

He was interrupted from enjoying his fanta, but he had some wise words.

Then this couple entertained us with some dancing...

and some wise words.

The love this two have for each other is the reason we were gathered here.

she was saying the same thing

then the dancing continued.

He knew he had seen me somewhere, "think Caden, where did you see this man with that camera..." he though. Then he remembered...

meanwhile Chiku and Lazarus continued to receive those wise words.

But in the meantime Chiku's mom was taking pics with her friends.

So I decided to take a pic of the siblings and their loved ones.

then one of the bride to be and her maid of honor, at least that is what she told me.

Chiku and Lazarus I wish you the best , may God continue to bless your relationship even as you get married next week.


Eric Lianda




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