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Lazarus weds Chiku

I met Chiku through my little sister Lifase, well I have been blessed to meet people I can call family.  My first assignment was to take pictures at Chiku’s bridal shower. That turned out great, not just the pictures; the event was remarkable full of wise men and women with great advice. Then we began counting days, and before we knew the wedding day had arrived. As I was fine-tuning my cameras I asked Chiku how their story begun. Chiku and Lazarus’ story is a classic example of a fairy tale. I won’t tell the fairy tale here but what I will do is summarize their big day in pictures. It was one beautiful wedding and the bride and groom looked fantastic. Let’s not forget the dancing! everything was on point. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, I enjoyed documenting this wedding. Here are a few highlights from the wedding.

the beautiful bride

and that's my sister, looking great but just wanting to confirm with the mirror

maid of honor :)

this was classic, I caught the bridesmaids taking a pic of the bride

this man is so ready to get married, looking so sharp

best man and maid of honor taking center stage

Just getting those lips moisturized before the bride arrives

and they kept him company as he awaited on the bride

They too couldn't believe how stunning the bride looked...

He was thrilled to see his fiance (wife to be in a few) for the first time in that wedding dress

but first things first, he had to promise the bride's brothers that he will take good care of her

and he just couldn't take his eyes off her

extremely overjoyed. You look at your daughter walking down the aisle to get married to the man she loves and all you can do is thank God for the many blessings.

I am sure this was one moment he was waiting...to see his bride 

and so he kept looking

then kissed her

they didn't care that the pastor was watching, or the crowd as well as all the paparazzi. This is true love, doesn't care if people are watching

but they still had to do the ritual

which included putting that ring on

and he got one too

then they turned around to show family and friends but I was standing right behind them so I had to remotely capture this moment using my other camera stationed at the balcony,

then took one from the back with the crowd watching, but can you see Chiku's mom in the congregation? She is clapping with joy

The official intro...
the joy...

Lazarus' mom watched in joy too

their first family photoshoot as husband and wife

I am sure they have a lot to thank this two great women that raised them to be where they are today and that is why it was important to take one with both moms

everybody was happy

they even prepared for the cake cutting with a dance

and I mean it when I say everyone was happy

I don't know what Chris was showing Lazarus' mom but they seem overjoyed

more tears of joy

and my sister caught the bouquet, so I am guessing I need to start fine tuning my cameras for a wedding coming soon...

this beautiful couple are the reason we were here today 

and it was all because of love. Love is one great invention! May God bless Chiku and Lazarus 




Tania Nkungula(non-registered)
What a BEAUTIFUL wedding captured so graciously and vibrantly! May God bless this happy couple abundantly!
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