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Chris and Eli Wedding Photos


When two people are fated to be together, it can happen in the most unanticpated and unexpected ways. Christopha and Eliminika is a couple that understands this statement too well. They first met on the internet. i know. Cupids strikes anywhere. This couple contacted me a few months to their wedding and i agreed to photo shoot their wedding. The agreement was that i would fly to Maryland on the eve of their wedding day, and that i did. I found this couple talking, laughing and just being peaceful together. Their cards were both showing hearts and here is their wedding story!
Meet Eliminika the beautiful, stunning and amazing bride. it is every little girl's dream that she will do a glamorous wedding in a big church. And surely her dream has come to pass.
Her main ladies helping her to get ready.
Off to the alter i head, but first lets smile for a picture!
This church is worth a mention. It screams weddings are supposed to be sacred. Spectacular choice!! Father to the bribe is helped to get ready
Inside the church...it looked so heavenly! Breath taking beauty! Paradise! Definitely a well done job had been done in here!
As the handsome groom patiently wait for his wife to be to arrive
And like any other magnificent wedding there are cute little flower girls! bundle of joy that blesses one soul. It is every dad's prayer and wish that they walk their daughters down the the aisle. That the men they choose to spend the rest of their life with honor them with a grand wedding. In church before God, family and friends. I have no doubt you will treat my little girl like a queen....dad to the bride even smiles with approval.
Therefore i give you her hand in marriage!! Vows from the heart were recited by Christopher! Eliminika was the envy of many woman at this very moment!
The stunning bride did the same.
The newly weds smiling their way into a happy marriage!
yesssssssss! And two families shall become one! here are the two sets of parents of the bride and the groom
Like any fabulous wedding, their is a toast and lots of laughter. Cheers to new beginning.... i shall never feel cold, for you will be my warmth. shall not be lonely for you shall forever be my companion.
Now we are officially stuck together for life...smile!!! Lots of love and happiness manifested here...
Some memorable advice is being given
Happiness galore!! Father and daughter dance.




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