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Emma and Tony – What Happens in Vegas!

Love stories happen in different ways around the globe, but there is nothing like a chance meeting in good ol’ Vegas that turns into something for a lifetime. Though the meeting of Emma and Tony was a pure coincidence, true love awaited them and from then on there was no looking back. 


The grand meeting!

At times like these, you can’t help but wonder what fate has in store for us. Isn’t it strange that both of them lived in Kansas City for several years, but never crossed paths? The couple had yet another common ground – both were from Kenya! Well, since the stars were aligned that they would meet in Vegas that is just what happened. Both of them were attending the World Cup Rugby 7 with friends and ended up in the nightclub Diablos. They met at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Park Avenue as they were leaving. The two groups started talking and hit it off instantly, but after changing three cabs Emma was still waiting and so was Tony, so once their eyes locked, it was the exact moment they fell in love.


The rehearsal

In rehearsal, Emma is seen to be in exaltation and ecstasy, showing her love and warmth for kids.

Emma looked gorgeous - she has amazingly smooth and stunning skin, so the white polka dotted dress suited her well.

Isn’t she absolutely glowing in the pictures? Her smile is radiant and portrays her happiness...

Her best friends graciously obliged for some excellent shots and the polka dotted theme in different colors and combinations was fabulous on camera. What a memorable group and picture that will remain indelible and evergreen with the smile and grandeur each is exhibiting.


After the rehearsal pics, huge smiles were witnessed on the faces of Emma’s friends in the broad daylight. It is like they will fly in their dresses and no wonder if they do.


Tony’s cousin and Emma pictured together and what a wonderful sight this is as both are sharing their heartfelt love for each other in the sunbeams. Emma in her characteristic smile and Tony’s cousin putting her hand on Emma’s shoulders embodying her support and cooperation.


The wedding

Finally the wedding day is here and the start of something great is in readiness. The fashion stylist - Fancy Lancy is making sure Emma is the center of attention for her wedding as this is the most momentous and the life changing event of her life.

For the wedding Emma decided to wear a lovely strapless gown in white with a sweetheart neckline. Her hair was piled up and the ends were loosely curled, while accessories were simple and elegant. 

meanwhile the reception hall was elegantly set for an unforgettable experience! 

stunning, well-organized, well located, Kansas City skyline view type of wedding venue...


And Kevin thought of getting make up, but changed his mind...

Tony was no less in his light grey tux, white shirt, and matching waistcoat. Tony's brother Robert doing the honors, refining the outlook of the tux and defining the grace of his brother just before the couple’s get together. 


Brides are enjoying as they seem to be dancing as Diana is holding a bouquet in her hand while setting Mutho's hair with the other.


She carried off the entire look perfectly.


Parents of the bride escorting and accompanying their charming daughter with absolute dignity while refreshing flowers is enhancing the click.

The ceremony was beautiful – few dry eyes remained among the guests as the couple recited their vows and promised to be with each other till eternity...


Father of the groom watching his son with her daughter in law and bride’s father in close harmony and lively affinity with a broad smile. 


Both mothers watching as well as both dads. A picture is worth a thousand words and this one is no exception. Parents of Emma and Tony are looking extremely delighted and why wouldn’t they be as they are seeing their kids getting into a sacred and solemn relationship. 


Emma putting marriage certificate in the hands of the person that she loves the most and there is an inexplicable charm and aura about this pic that is beyond description. The picture just said it all.


The Reception

I took some candids and some photos of the couple in various poses, and soon it was time for the reception. 

"I am so excited to take this path together with you, take my hand...I will never let you go..." one of them said

In the mean time, cousins were catching up...

The reception consisted of the cake cutting...

Fancy Lancy graced the wedding reception with her beautiful voice, many talents huh?...


Tony's mom smiling ​looked content that his son had found someone to love and cherish. After all, it is every parent’s wish!

Dance with the mother. Dance is something that is inherent and natural with Kenyans so much that they can’t help it. Tony making a few moves with his mom and the scene is catching everyone's attention.


All the single ladies, she caught the bouquet, she’s on fb but I forgot her name for all the single guys. Marriage is something that happens with everyone at the right time and with the right person that would change their life altogether.

...and more dancing, which was a lot of fun with everyone making merry and having a gala time.


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