Option Lianda Photography | Engagement Photoshoot - A Bond Forever!

Engagement Photoshoot - A Bond Forever!

A Bond Forever!

Although the drive to the Forest was very hectic, the spot was perfect for a proposal that would be cherished forever. The location is about 45 minutes by car outside Nairobi, where you can witness the clean mountain air, pristine forest, and Thaba Waterfalls blending beautifully with the thick indigenous forest on the Gatemayo River.


The preparation

As a wedding photographer, I am always up for a challenge, so I arrived with my Option Lianda team, a little after 10 am.

The couple – Dido and Maria – was scheduled to be at the Forest around 11 am, to go trekking. Needless, to say, she was blissfully unaware of what lay ahead. In order to maintain the charade, we had to dress in similar uniforms like other Forest employees. We kept our fingers crossed that Maria wouldn’t recognize us from the one meeting we had in the past.


Progressing with caution

Maria was more observant than I thought – she almost recognized me and realized something was going on. However, I played along and told her that I am the official photographer of The Forest.

The couple continued with the zip-line activity – Dido planned to propose when they reached the end next to Thaba waterfalls. Rose petals guided the way to the spot.


…and the moment arrives

We hid in the bushes with bated breath. Finally, Maria came and wondered why Dido was standing alone.

He began to tell her how much he loves her – she had somewhat figured out what was coming, and started to cry tears of joy.

The epic moment was when he went down on his knees – she said yes

...and then the lovely couple jubilantly kissed each other. As an engagement photographer, these candid moments are exactly what I wish to capture.


Happiness galore

This wasn’t the end – guests were eagerly waiting to shower heaps of congratulations and best wishes. Friends and family wanted to take selfies with Maria,

while sound advice was given by the brother. Various shots from different angles were clicked as well – it was necessary to cover as many as possible.

Mouth-watering cuisine was also ready, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

It was an amazing evening full of fun, frolic and laughter as friends and family watched and joined in the celebration.

the cake cutting was probably a bit of practice for the actual event – their wedding.

It was really sweet to watch the lovebirds feed each other cake.



Niiice!! Man you are awesome. Thanks for doing this.
It was surely a pleasant surprise from the love of my life! N dear friends...
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