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A Divine Love - Wedding Photography

Being a wedding photographer is priceless. Capturing the most intimate moments of couples as they exchange their vows and experiencing the beginning of something beautiful is divine.

Amber and Mike’s wedding was the epitome of simplicity and class blended perfectly to bring out a theme that emanates only from their love.

Wedding Photography

Love is truly divine. The bride’s maids were so eager to share Amber’s big day with kisses and love. White lilies with a touch of yellow for the bride blending with the fuchsia dresses sure brought out the mood of the day. Amber could not hide her joy and when she smiled, her eyes shone brighter than the stars.

A wedding photographer’s pride can be equated to the pride of the bride’s father when he walks her daughter down the aisle. This had to be the most wonderful feeling; seeing the genuine smiles of father and daughter.

Wedding Photography

Amber’s father officiated the union at his own backyard. Awesome as it sounds, it was indeed lovely and intimate.

Wedding Photography Wedding Photography Finally, the moment came when they said their vows to each other. Mike looked deeply into Amber’s eyes while slipping the ring onto her finger. The smiles were compelling and revealed what was in their hearts for each other. Divine love.


Wedding Photography They walked blissfully, and exited gracefully as husband and wife. Joy untold, as family and friends shared in their happiness.   

Wedding photography

Wedding Photography

The photo session went quite well. The mood was contagious and everyone smiled the day away. It was indeed a special day for Amber and Mike.

Photos are forever and as a photographer it is my joy to ensure that love and laughter are captured in the most amazing ways especially in weddings.

The bride’s beauty radiated and sparkled all through the day.

When they chose me to be their wedding photographer, I was ecstatic. The bride and groom were natural posers and taking their best shots was nothing short of beautiful.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Cake cutting is a tradition in most weddings, thus this was not exceptional.  They held the knife so lovingly and gently as they cut through the sumptuous cake. They fed each other what could be termed as their first meal together as husband and wife. And it was sweet, coupled with their love and devotion to each other.

Wedding photos Amber and Mike share a divine love that was captured though the eyes of my lens. I wish them nothing but the best of everything that life has to offer. A happy ever-after.


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